Imagine a day w…

Imagine a day where every team in the NFL will have a Mobile QB as their starter. This may sound far fetched, But I say onto you, That this day is coming soon. The Pistol Offense and some forms of The Spread Offense is changing the landscape of The NFL. Guys like Tim Tebow and Urban Myer have help put this New World Order so to speak under way with the success they have shared on the college stage. Tim Tebow and Tebow Mania has helped make the Read Option a powerful tool to use in any style of offense. Once Tim Tebow made it famous, The Washington Redskins blew us away, With yours truly: The Pistol Offense. RGIII soon crushed Tebow Mania and fever spread threw out the NFL. Soon The San Francisco 49ers and The Seattle Seahawks began using their own versions of The Pistol Offense. Each team made it to the playoffs and The San Francisco 49ers made it to the Super Bowl and should have won it but some magical light switch powered out the Dome. Conspiracy. This changed the whole topic for the NFL once The Ravens so called won the Super Bowl. We won’t even talk about that no call in the endzone. Chip Kelly is now the first college coach to enter into the NFL who specializes in The Spread Offense and using mobile QB as his tool of choice. Propaganda that ESPN keeps putting out like, (Other college coaches has tried to revolutionize the game, And they failed) Don’t forget that other college coaches didn’t use mobile QB and run systems that best suited them. Chip Kelly will help start a chain reaction that will open doors for more and more college coaches to come into the NFL. More and more of them will be running their Spread Offenses or Pistol Offenses needing mobile QB to run the helm. That will spark the door to open for me to come in and lay my version of The Pistol Offense down, Along with my new money ball system that will revolutionize the NFL forever. QB, RB and WR will be recording record breaking stats that could never be imagined. 7000 yards passing and 1000 yards running QB. Soon all teams will be forced to convert to this style of play or they just simply wont be able to keep up in scoring. How will America view this new NFL, One where all QB must be mobile and all teams are running the same offense. Can the NFL survive having black QB dominate the position because of the rule bigger, faster, stronger. And could America survive the fall of the NFL and College football due to a lack of interest. Think of the Billions of dollars at stake here. Can one offense and a money system really cause all of this. I say onto you maybe. For more on this topic please visit me on facebook or at my website. Thank you and see you soon


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